Saturday, 18 April 2015

Life these last few weeks...

These past few weeks have been really crazy for me!  There have been some emotional up’s and down’s, unexpected sickness and lots of happy moments that involved the comfort of food and family.

So one of the big foodie events in Halifax was “Burger Week” which ran from March 19th-25th.  This is where everyone in Halifax comes out to enjoy delicious burgers of all shapes and sizes throughout the week at various restaurants.  This year was the city’s 3rd anniversary and each year, my husband and I notice more and more restaurants choose to participate in this monumental event of burger proportions.  This year we decided to go to three different restaurants, that way we could put our names in a draw for the grand prize.

Our first place was Flipburger, after we had got there it started to get pretty busy so we took ours to go.  The burger they chose to contribute for Burger Week’s events was The Big Smoke and it was pretty good.  I had a gluten free bun with mine, which is always good there and the highlights were: smoked gouda, bacon and even smoked tomato.

Our second place was 2 Doors Down, which they technically didn’t have a burger but a slider, but it was still really good.  They called it The Steakhouse Slider and it packed a punch of taste, Ben and I loved every bite!  Hand formed beef patties, sautéed mushrooms and three different cheeses sent us to burger heaven. 

…Unfortunately if we had known what awaited us a few hours later, we would have thought twice before diving in. 

At 3:30am I awoke to Ben puking in the bathroom quite violently.  Naturally I thought he was just having stomach problems and went back to sleep as there was not much I could do, and to be honest I can’t handle puke.  Tossing and turning I had trouble getting back to sleep, with hot and cold sweats keeping me awake not being able to rest for more than fifteen minutes at a time.  Then at around 4:30 am it was my turn to run to the bathroom, except Ben was already in there…the kitchen garbage had to suffice.  I had realized we both were sick with food poisoning from the 2 Doors Down burgers, as that was the only thing we both had ate that night.  I’ll spare you the rest of the details, but long story short I still have not had nor can look at another burger in the same way.  And unfortunately we never made it to the third restaurant and thus a sickening end to our month of March.


With age comes change, and with change sometimes can come stress.  Thus my inner fat child has run rampant for the month of April and I am still recovering, trying to get back on track with healthy habits.  During these past weeks with my sugar binge, I had made a key lime cheesecake.  Unfortunately I over cooked the cheesecake and it was not very good, due to my mistake of course.  I had also had an unexpected stressful day this past Thursday, and I decided the only way to make things better was to eat comfort food.  This consisted of baguette, cheese, chips, root beer and strawberry shortcake. 

Even though these last few weeks have been stressful, I am grateful for the weekend, family, friends, my comforting husband and much needed vacation time!  I was able to take my best friend to the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market today, which she had never been too and I was way overdue for a visit.  We walked around enjoyed all of the local sites, and Lenora fell in love with the amazing things the market had to offer.  I myself love bramoso’s breakfast pizza which has spinach, sun dried tomatoes, bacon and an egg on top which is an excuse to eat pizza for breakfast any day J  I also got a cinnamon biscuit and a double chocolate cookie from The Cake Lady, which was amazing and I will definitely be back there again to indulge in another sweet treat.

Needless to say this week ended on a sweet note, and I enjoyed many tasty indulgences…probably too many LOL.  But I’m glad the weekend is here, and I hope you all have the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful weather.

Kyra xo

The websites for the delicious places I have mentioned are listed below:

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  1. Too bad about your burger experience. Love the pictures though. The 2 doors down burgers sounded delicious. What was in the bowls?